Delivering Quality Service with Deserving Compensation!

At our core, we prioritize providing our customers with the best possible experience. To achieve this, we are committed to offering fair remuneration for delivering top-notch service in roles spanning service, dishwashing, and all other positions. We hold employee efforts and contributions in high regard, valuing the shared success of our team as a whole.

Within our company, we strive to harness each individual’s potential, offering growth and learning opportunities. Even if you are new to the field, with enthusiasm and dedication, you have a chance to grow alongside us.

If you possess a cooperative spirit, embody a team player mentality, and take pride in delivering exceptional service to our customers, why not join our team? Take the opportunity to enjoy quality service delivery along with just compensation.

We eagerly await your application.

Cooking staff

Job Responsibilities:

  • Preparing, cooking, plating, and serving dishes
  • Developing menus, ordering supplies, managing inventory
  • Ensuring quality and hygiene standards of ingredients

Wait Staff

Job Description:

  • Order taking, meal service, cleaning, and cashier duties
  • Table setup and restaurant opening preparations
  • Addressing customer inquiries and fulfilling requests

Dishwashing Staff

Job Description:

  • Dishwashing, cleaning, and related tasks
  • Room cleaning and closing preparations

◇ Qualifications ◇

  • Strong teamwork and passion for the job are highly valued.
  • For Cooking Staff, while a cooking license is not mandatory, practical experience in cooking is required.
  • Foreign nationals must possess a valid work visa that allows employment in Japan.

Employment Conditions:

  • Contract or part-time employment
  • Shift work, with Tuesdays off
  • Benefits include uniform rental, meals, and support for acquiring qualifications
  • Salary determined based on experience and skills, starting from 900 yen per hour

Application Process:

Please submit your resume, job history, and a self-introduction document to the contact information below. Foreign applicants should attach a copy of their visa documents. After reviewing the documents, we will conduct an interview.

Recruitment Period:

This recruitment will continue until further notice.