An earthquake that occurred on the Noto Peninsula on January 1, 2024 has caused extensive damage.

I’m Fedia. Chef of Restaurant and Inn Atsushi Kanawawa. Thank you for the numerous messages of concern and encouragement from various sources. The sudden event initially brought about anxious days, but things have gradually settled down, and I’ve been able to resume my evacuation life in Kanazawa. However, lingering anxiety remains, and amidst it all, the heartfelt letters I received have been incredibly uplifting. Just the fact that you cared warms my heart, and each kind word resonates deeply within me.
I’ve also received reports that many people contributed to disaster relief donations, and I am sincerely grateful for your kindness. However, it’s essential for everyone to be aware that the collected disaster relief funds are subject to strict government rules. Many affected individuals are ineligible to receive them, and even if they do, the distributed amount is often minimal. Assistance is based on the issuance of disaster certificates, with only those whose homes were partially to completely destroyed qualifying for aid. Those with partially damaged houses receive nothing. For those who have lost their homes and essential belongings due to complete destruction, while any relief funds are appreciated, the distributed amount often falls significantly short of the necessary funds required to rebuild a house, sometimes amounting to less than one twentieth of the total needed.
The sake brewing facility I was establishing in Nakanoto Town also experienced partial collapse due to the recent earthquake. Despite being safe at my workplace in Kanazawa when the earthquake occurred, upon assessing the damage two days later, I found that the building under construction for brewing and the structure used as living space had collapsed, with a distorted roof, fallen tiles, and cracked walls, posing a risk of further collapse. As a result, it was marked as off-limits due to safety concerns, and I am currently residing in Kanazawa. When I reported the damage and requested a disaster certificate at the town hall, I was informed that I cannot receive any funds since the building used for living was not partially or completely destroyed. It’s disheartening to have lost so much in this earthquake, and despite the generous contributions from many acquaintances for disaster relief, I am disappointed that these funds did not reach me.
I have established my own platform, distinct from the contributions intended for disaster relief. It is a fundraising platform specifically focused on repairing my sake brewery. I will persist in creating delicious dishes and realizing my dream of sake brewing in Japan. If you would like to support, please consider donating through the following link.


Info of Banking Account for Donate

Beneficiary Bank : THE HOKKOKU BANK,LTD.



ACCOUNT NO. : 9172


BENE’S ADDRESS : 5-29 Kosho-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0932 JAPAN