I'm Chef Kobayashi.
Being a Chef and a Circus Performer, has created my unique life career. I traveled and lived in over 131 Cities and 32 countries. Each small new Place was filled with new tastes and flavors I was able to experience and learn from.
My work is to bring out the best original flavor of each ingredient and combine it in a beautiful arrangement. Having met customer and other chef all around the world and having then enjoy my food has been the best reward for me.

TEO (Feodor)

I’m TEO.  I grew up in a household that enjoyed growing vegetables in our own garden, going mushroom hunting in the mountains, and fishing for fresh fish in the lake, all of which were then used to create delicious meals. For me, the key to a delicious dish is being able to savor the natural flavors of the ingredients. I use minimal seasoning to bring out the true essence and texture of the ingredients themselves. Pursuing this type of cooking led me to discover Japanese culinary techniques and ingredients, which further expanded my interest and passion for cooking. I invite you to try my dishes and experience their unique flavors for yourself. Additionally, I also participate in SNS broadcasts and work as a fashion model, so I would be grateful for your support in those areas as well.